Sunday, May 01, 2005

For Your Leisure Reading

My interview with author and editor Jim Gladstone about his new tattoo-themed gay fiction anthology Skin and Ink is now on line at Velvet Mafia. Jim is a terrific, enthusiastic, and gracious guy who I always enjoy hanging out with in his hometown of Philadelphia (where he has a terrific, huge apartment) or at places like Saints and Sinners in New Orleans. Rob Stephenson, Patrick Ryan, D. Travers Scott, James Williams, and Kal Cobalt also have great new fiction up in this issue of Velvet Mafia. I also love to help writers find new outlets for their work and I read Tom Cardamone’s Pacific Rimming in an early draft and thought it was superb. I’m so glad VM boss Sean Meriwether decided to put it on line. Part One is in this issue and Part Two will be in the next VM issue. Tom will also have a surreal story titled "Bottomfeeders" going up on line this summer at Sean’s other literary Web site, Outsider Ink.