Monday, May 02, 2011

The buzz: The Publishing Triangle presented Alan Hollinghurst with the Bill Whitehead Award for Lifetime Achievement, and the Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide received the Leadership Award. For info on the other literary winners, please visit the Triangle’s Web site:

Michael Alenyikov’s Ivan and Misha won the 2011 Northern California Book Award for Fiction.

Among the 2010 Shirley Jackson Awards nominees was Subtle Bodies by Peter Dubé in the novella category.

Author Michael Holloway Perrone is donating 10% of the profits of his new novel, A Time Before Us, to PFLAG New Orleans, one of the oldest organizations in New Orleans serving the LGBT Community.

In Winter 2013 Viking will publish Caroline de Margerie's American Lady, a biography of Susan Mary Alsop, descendant of John Jay and grande dame of Georgetown society, wife to both an American diplomat in Paris and to gay Washington columnist Joe Alsop.

Knopf will publish Bishop Gene Robinson's God Believes in Love: Straight Talk on Gay Marriage, in which the world's leading religious spokesperson for gay rights makes the case for gay marriage using the Bible, religious tradition, and his own life experience first in a heterosexual marriage and now a gay marriage.

Pegasus will publish Andrea Pitzer's The Secret History of Vladimir Nabakov, a shocking and revelatory examination of how the great author hid secrets involving his brother, who died in a Nazi concentration camp, and references to the infamous Soviet gulag outpost, Nova Zembla, in his work.

Knopf will publish Alan Hollinghurst’s next novel, The Stranger’s Child, due out later this year.

Next spring Hachette Book Group will publish Christopher Bram’s Eminent Outlaws, a literary history of gay writing which begins with Truman Capote and Gore Vidal and ends with Tony Kushner and Michael Cunningham.

Farrar, Straus and Giroux has released The Great Night, a new novel by Chris Adrian, an updated retelling of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Lethe Press has just released A Body on Pine, a new A Marco Fontana mystery by Joseph R. G. DeMarco.

Magnus Books has released their debut list. Among the upcoming books are Edmund White’s Sacred Monsters, portraits of iconic literary and artistic figures, including John Cheever, David Hockney, John Singer Sargent, and Allen Ginsburg.

Gaylaxicon 2011 is scheduled for May 12-15, 2011 in Atlanta, GA. For details on events visit

Rebel Satori Press has released Saints and Sinners 2011: New Fiction from the Festival, a collection of short fiction comprised of the winners and finalists of the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival short story competition and other contributors.

This year’s Saints and Sinners Literary Festival in New Orleans is May 12 through 15. Visit the Web site for a look at the scheduled workshops, presentations, readings, and panels.

The Golden Crown Literary Society will hold their annual convention June 8-12 in Orlando, Florida. For a look at their nominated books, visit

A Different Light bookstore in San Francisco is going out of business. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that sales will determine the store's final day.

Dark Scribe Press is seeking submissions for Unspeakable Horror 2: Abominations of Desire, its follow up to their Stoker winning queer horror theater. For detailed guidelines visit:

Submissions are being accepted for the Second Annual LGBT Short Play Festival presented by Theatre Out, Orange County's Gay and Lesbian Theatre, located in Santa Ana, CA. Deadline is May 30, 2011. For more details visit